Friday, September 26, 2008

What's this for?

Hi, I'm Anna. Nice to meet you.I am sat in the middle of the British channel next to four elderly white haired gentlemen drinking whisky and tea and talking about whisky and tea.
I've just thought, it's time, it's time I had one of these 'blogs' so here goes...
A little intro - I'm a student (if you hadn't already guessed) and I'd like to be a children's wear designer. I love traveling more than most other things and so this blog will (I hope...) tell you about my travels and my stories and experiences in the world of fashion. One other secret love of mine that not so many people know about... I love old jazz, especially on grey days on the tube, there is nothing that beats having Nina Simone - 'Feeling Good' on full blast in my giant oversized, over priced, baby blue headphones walking past grumpy 'cod' faced people walking/running to work.
A couple of other things, I love clothes, making, wearing, looking at. I'm half Danish, I'm 21 and couldn't look more scandinavian if I tried (I'm considering dying my hair red for a bit) I'd like to move to Paris next year to do an internship, my french is limited, I like to think I am better than I really am so am about to start evening classes.
Oh and I like colour... lots of it... there's never enough colour and music... I have to go now as my internet time is running out and we are approaching the coast! back soon with something more interesting and less all about me! x

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